My baby ¡turns 1!

It’s true what people say: time flies. My baby turns 1. In the blink of an eye my son has gone from baby to toddler. It seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital holding this newborn in my arms wondering how the heck was I going to raise him. Now, here I am running after a baby that has started to walk and all he wants to do is explore.

This year has completely changed me

My son has changed the woman I am now. I see the world differently. Everyday I wake up feeling full of joy and everyday I go to sleep feeling gratitude for my son.

I didn’t know how much I wanted to be a mom until I got pregnant. I got married really young but both, my husband and I were very focused on pursuing our goals of higher education, traveling and conquering the corporate world. We would occasionally talk about having children but it was just a dinner conversation, nothing serious. We were happy with our lives but eventually realized someone was missing.

Our son truly is a product of our love

He has elevated our happiness. Our lives are devoted to him. We have become those annoying parents that all they talk about is the kid. But not everything is happiness and rainbows. We have dealt with the lack of sleep, colics, teething, baby falling off the bed, high fevers, rushes to the hospital and the anxiety of being new parents. We have had to manage our finances and budget our spending. We had to give up concerts tickets, social invitations and have adapted to eating out at a restaurant and apologizing for the mess our baby made.

But seeing my baby’s smile has made everything worth it. It has not been easy but I am truly blessed. I thank God everyday for my son’s health and I thank my son for choosing me as his mommy.

I’m so excited to celebrate his first year of life but I’m also feeling nostalgic

I have been documenting all his milestones; taking as many pictures and videos as possible. As I look back on them, I feel a bit of sadness. I miss those days when he was so tiny and he fit perfectly on my chest. I laugh at those moments when I would change his diaper and he would pee on me. I would change his diaper and a few minutes later he had once again pooed. I’m in awe that a few months ago I was trying to get him to crawl and now he’s practically up and running. I sit in his room looking at the baby clothes that no longer fits. I scroll through the pictures on my phone and I’m amazed at how much my son has physically changed.

I look forward to those new milestones, new adventures and more birthdays to come. Happy 1st Birthday my baby. I love you so much and please know that I am forever grateful for this first year in which you taught me how to be a mom.

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