The best part of being pregnant is feeling those baby kicks

In your first pregnancy, you anxiously await to feel the kicks but sometimes the mind plays tricks on you. You may feel a flutter and think it’s a kick but it turns out to be your stomach rumbling. It can be confusing to know when it’s a baby kick. You will start feeling movement during weeks 17-20. And as your baby gradually grows, those kicks will become more noticeable.

It is a magical, unexplainable, and strange feeling

It’s magical because obviously you know there’s a baby in your belly but at times you forget. You’re going on about your day, working, exercising or taking care of your kids that you forget you’re pregnant. It’s not until you get a kick or jab that you remember there’s a tiny human inside of you. Your baby is also busy. Baby is practicing yawning, sucking, blinking, touching his body, rolling, playing and moving around getting to know his surroundings. Baby isn’t just sleeping, he’s getting ready to come out into the world.

It’s unexplainable because we all feel the movements differently.

Some women will say “baby just kicked me” or “the baby has the hiccups.” This is my second baby and I still can’t tell the difference. I can’t guarantee if it was a kick or a punch. Every time I have an ultrasound, they explain to me where the baby is located and the body parts but I’m still confused. The doctor will say: “This right here is baby’s butt and her arms are here.”
But during the next appointment, baby has moved and her arms and feet are on the other side. It’s a strange feeling that has to be taken serious. During the last trimester, it is advice to count baby kicks. You’re supposed to do it twice a day and keep track of it. You lay down, preferably on your side, and count the movements. You should feel at least 10 movements within an hour. If you don’t, get up and move around, eat a snack or drink some water. Don’t freak out, but if you don’t feel any movements throughout the
day, contact your doctor.

If there’s no movement, it could indicate there is something wrong.

I’m not saying there is definitely something wrong. Baby could be sleeping, but just be aware and count the baby kicks. If your baby moves around all day long, there is no need to count. But if one day there’s not as much movement as usual, it could be that baby is tired and resting so don’t freak out. Baby kicks do mess with your head. Sometimes, especially at night, I freak out if I don’t feel movement. Is the baby ok? Oh God, what if there’s something wrong? Then I start poking at my belly trying to get a reaction. After what seems like an eternity and after my heart nearly stopped, baby responds and will move. I can just imagine my baby giving mommy attitude because I just woke her up.

Sure enough the next night, baby will constantly move around making it hard to get any sleep. I guess it’s payback. To all my pregnant mom’s out there, rub your belly and enjoy those baby kicks because you actually end up missing those moments.

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