Self-care will make you a better mom

Motherhood is about sacrifice and we become so consumed with the kids that we forget to take care of ourselves. Being a mom is a beautiful, yet never-ending demanding job and we put our family’s needs before our own. With the chaos around us, it seems impossible to take care of ourselves but you MUST. So, take a moment to do something for yourself. I want you to join me and promise to commit to some form of self-care.


Self-care is about taking care of your mind, body and soul

The first two combining factors are mind and soul. Many struggle with mental health issues and after having a baby we face postpartum depression and anxiety. It is crucial that you have a supportive and encouraging family unit and are aware of your inner thoughts. Motherhood makes us happy, but it also brings on emotions of loneliness, anger, sadness and stress. Somedays you feel like a robot. You get lost in the cleaning, the laundry, the carpools and carry the weight of the household on your shoulders.  You are the foundation of your home and the one that keeps everything together but internally you can fall apart.


Self-care of your mind and soul can be through meditation, writing, reading, art, music, prayer, therapy. Also, spending time alone or time with family and friends (without the children). It is crucial to be self-aware, release those emotions and canalize that energy into something positive. If we let it bottle up, we can lash out at the wrong person and bring on another set of problems. It leads to arguments with our spouse, family members, friends or worst, we can lash out onto our children. Don’t let that negativity in to your home.

Take care of your body and your mind

Self-care for our bodies can be last on our priority list. We clean the house but don’t take time to have a decent shower. I am guilty of rushing to take a shower with the door open or even with the baby inside the bathroom. We don’t eat healthy; we eat our kids’ leftovers or eat something on-the-go. We drive the kids to their activities yet we don’t take on some form of physical activity. We make sure the kids well dressed yet we thrown on a pair of sweatpants and barely run a comb through our hair. We burry our dresses, heels and makeup far into our closets. We care for our children when they are sick but when we are sick we don’t go to a doctor. How can we keep the household running if we run out of gas?


My body is my temple

 If you’re sick, don’t ignore it, go to a doctor because it could lead to a serious illness. While making dinner, make healthier meals and pass those habits onto your kids. Running the household is exhausting but it’s necessary to exercise. You can do running, walking, jogging, yoga, zumba, weight training, swimming, gym, etc. You can take care of your outer beauty by going to the hair salon, getting a mani-pedi, massage and shopping. Time can be limited but putting in the effort will make you feel a thousand times better. So when going out, even if it’s to run errands, put on a cute outfit and some makeup.

Of course self-care is easier said than done. You may or may not have help but you need to commit to some form of self-care. Whether it’s a workout class each week or 5 minutes of daily mediation, you MUST do something. Mommy, your family needs you but most importantly: you need you.

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