Overprotective latina mom

There’s an overprotective latina mom VS the new mom debate going on in my life. I love Mexico’s warm, sunny weather (way better than the cold, snowy weather I had in NYC). But I always see babies covered up with at least 2 blankets and many layers of clothing. Moms around me are constantly scolding me and lecturing me to cover up my son and warning me he will get sick…

Babys issues

I always carry a blanket and sweater around in case I feel he needs it, but I dress him for warm weather and I feel these women exaggerate. I know people mean well but sometimes I feel like some moms are constantly judging my parenting. I don’t see the need to cover him as if we were in the ice age.

My baby will walk soon


He’s crawling all over the place and I love watching him explore. He’s active and doesn’t want to be held, so I place him on the floor, everywhere. I make sure he doesn’t put anything in his mouth and I watch him like a hawk so that he doesn’t get hurt. But other moms scold me and say he will get dirty, that there’s germs and on and on about how unsafe it is. I set him down on the floor at cafes, restaurants, parks… any public place. This weekend I was in the pueblo visiting my family and I let him crawl all over the plaza. Well, the moms and the abuelitas let me have it. I see nothing wrong with him crawling all over as long as his father and I are nearby watching him.

Traditional VS new mom


Another debate about the traditional VS new mom has to do with baby hiccups. Moms here tell me to get a red string and put it on his forehead. I guess it’s supposed to make it go away. My USA pediatrician laughed and said it’s perfectly normal and there’s no scientific proof that a red string works. He said the hiccups are due to the breastmilk and to not worry nor to put a string on his face. So do I listen to the doctor or my tias?

Yes, unsolicited advice


Certain things are passed down from generation to generation, such as home remedies; but when does their advice cross the line of support to judgement? Being a new mama I’m constantly getting unsolicited advice. I hear things from family, friends, the pediatricians; but with so much noise around me, most of the time I just want to trust my inner intuition. Sometimes I let those voices get in my head and I start doubting myself and have major mom guilt. But how can we differentiate a latina’s advice from being legit, to being overprotective and outdated?

I’ve had other young new moms relate to me and they tell me assure me that there’s no parenting manual nor right/wrong way to do things. Only we know what is best for our children.

Mamas, you are doing the best you can so please stop being so hard on yourself. And for our abuelitas, thank you. We know you mean well, but please trust us. We got this and let us experience motherhood our way.